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Hello, I'm Alex James and welcome to my website. I've worked for over 35 years supporting individuals and their families. In the early days, Bereavement UK was probably one of the first online support facilities. Over the years and with a wealth of experience, I have developed my own unique ways of working.

I have worked for many organisations and agencies. Developing, creating, coordinating, presenting and seeking to improve services for terminally ill and bereaved individuals and their families. I have worked in hospitals, hospices, critical incidents, schools, bereavement support agencies, corporates and with the media.

My vast experience working with people has enabled me a wealth of understanding and from this, my own Human Aspects training and self-awareness courses have grown.

I have worked on radio as a presenter, agony aunt and advisor and more recently for several television media companies promoting well-being and awareness as part of the recruitment procedure for reality tv and care of all involved including participants, researchers and journalists.

I have also worked extensively throughout Covid with NHS and Health Education England (HEE) advising and providing training.

I am a published author.

I also offer a chat platform to anyone wishing to share their story through my YouTube Channel - 'Alex James What's Your Story'.

I'm an innovator and ideas person always keen to offer my support to new ideas that may help others with loss and grief or be of benefit to anyone with mental health issues.

A list of agencies that I am connected to, have worked with, or currently work with can be seen on the banner below.

This website has been updated but you can find all of the original blogs, podcasts and other info by viewing the 'Articles Section'.

If you would like to know more about me and my work please do get in touch.

Alex James
Humankind Be Both